U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce Endorses Suzanne Bonamici for Oregon's 1st U.S. Congressional District


Suzanne Bonamici receives a 100% rating, endorsement from the Women's Chamber as a champion of women's economic priorities.

“I am proud to once again announce the endorsement of the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce ( http://www.uswcc.org ) for Suzanne Bonamici in the race for Oregon’s 1st Congressional District,” stated Margot Dorfman, CEO. “Rep. Bonamici is an effective leader supporting the economic needs of the women, minorities, small businesses and families in her community.”

“Suzanne Bonamici is a leading champion of women’s economic priorities, receiving a one-hundred percent rating from the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce,” adds Dorfman.

“Rep. Bonamici supports a positive economic environment for women and minority workers and business owners, American job creation, fair pay, a fair minimum-wage, family-friendly workplaces, access to affordable/quality healthcare and birth control, policies that support a vibrant middle class and access to capital and federal contracts for women-owned firms,” continues Dorfman.

“Suzanne Bonamici’s leadership in Congress has focused squarely on improving the lives and opportunities for her constituents,” adds Dorfman. Recognizing that many families are living paycheck to paycheck and working multiple minimum-wage jobs to get by – and are still not making enough money to get by, Congresswoman Bonamici advocates for at least a $12 minimum wage indexed to inflation so that workers will not continue to fall behind.”

Suzanne Bonamici is also committed to bringing about fairness to our tax codes to stop corporate inversions and close loopholes that make it easier for large corporations to pay less than their fair share. She supports the growth of small businesses including women-owned and minority-owned through increased access to capital and federal contracts. And, serving on both the Education and Workforce Committee and the Science, Space and Technology Committee, Bonamici is focusing on supporting the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs through policies that promote STEM-science, technology, engineering, arts and design and math education.”

“Growing the number of strong women leaders in Congress is critical to assuring that women’s economic priorities are advanced,” adds Dorfman. “American prosperity is directly linked to the economic success of women. Seventy percent of women work and seventy-two percent of mothers work. A record forty percent of all households with children under eighteen include mothers who are either the sole or the primary source of income for their family. Women own 110,000 Oregon firms employing 98,000 workers,” continues Dorfman.

“Suzanne Bonamici’s focus is squarely on family, women, small business, seniors and supporting our middle-class. She is a champion in Washington for her community.  We are proud to endorse her to represent Oregon’s 1st District in Congress,” concludes Dorfman.

For more information on women candidates visit http://www.IVoteForWomen.org. The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce unifies the collective strength of women in the U.S. economy. Using a platform of influence, innovation, and opportunity, the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce works with and for its members to grow successful businesses and careers. For additional information, go to http://www.uswcc.org or call 888-418-7922.

Source: U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce


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